Card Holder

Carbon Fiber Business Card Holder - NOBRAC NB-NB031

A business card holder made of Carbon Fiber and leather, with plenty of pockets for business cards and credit cards.

  • Price: $175.00

Passport Wallet with Neck Strap

Carbon Fiber Passport Wallet - NOBRAC NB-PH010

A stylish passport wallet made of Carbon Fiber and leather. Secure your important travel document. Wear it on the neck, secure it to the belt, or pocket it!

  • Price: $295.00

Wallet - 12 CC Pockets

Carbon Fiber Wallet - NOBRAC NB-WL062

Carbon Fiber wallet with 12 credit card pockets.

  • Price: $225.00

Wallet with Coin Pouch

Carbon Fiber Wallet with Coin Pouch - NOBRAC NB-WL061

Carbon Fiber wallet with coin pouch and 9 credit card pockets.

  • Price: $225.00
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